Philippe de Poulpiquet has been a photographer since 1997. His work focuses on war, geo-political issues, social crises and consequences. Author of books on war consequences (Afghanistan, la guerre d'après), or on memory through veterans of past wars (Invalides Mémoires de Guerre).

Philippe de Poulpiquet est photographe depuis 1997. Son travail se porte sur les conflits, les crises et les bouleversements de la société et leurs conséquences. Auteur d'ouvrages sur les conséquences de la guerre en Afghanistan (Afghanistan, la guerre d'après) ou sur la mémoire au travers des vétérans de l'Institution Nationale des Invalides (Invalides Mémoires de Guerre).

After cinematographic studies, Philippe went to live in Cameroon in 1994 to serve during his military time. He is working then on a documentary film and photographic essay on street children in West Africa. Back in France in 1996, he becomes a freelance photojournalist for press magazine, beginning in 2000 his collaboration for the french daily newspaper Le Parisien / Aujourd'hui en France. This last 20 years, he covered the main social conflicts in France and war in the Middle East or Africa, sharing his time between news reporting and personal projects.

His work is part of the collections of the Musée de l'Armée in Paris, awarded by the POYi (Picture of the Year International) in the USA and screened several times at the Visa pour l'Image international photojournalism festival in Perpignan (France). 

He is the author of two books, "Afghanistan, la guerre après" (Pour la France) in 2010, and "Invalides. Mémoires de guerre" in 2021, a work which is today part of the collections of the National Museums and was exhibited at the Musée de l'Armée in Paris. 

His work was rewarded in 2019 with « Sergent Sébastien Vermeille award » by french Armée de Terre, in 2012 with an « Award of Excellence » by the price Pictures Of the Year in the USA, awarded by the « Best of Photojournalism » 2012. « Grand prix des quotidiens nationaux » in 2011 for his report in the tunnels of Gaza. Screened several times at photojournalism international festival Visa pour l'Image, particularly for his work on the wounded French soldiers killed in Afghanistan, summarized in a book entitled « pour la France… », published in 2013, acquisition of photographic collections Musée de l'Armée  in Paris.

Awards & Grants

2019 : Prix de l'Armée de Terre « Sergent Sébastien Vermeille » pour "Invalides, mémoires de guerres". France.

2012 : « Award of Excellence » du prix Pictures of the Year "The fall of Tripoli". USA. 

2012 : « Best of Photojournalism », "The fall of Tripoli", USA.

2011 : « Grand prix des quotidiens nationaux » pour « Les tunnels de Gaza ». 

2003 : Prix Sosno-Canon "la révolte des moujahidins du peuple iranien" Nov. 2003. 

1994 : Grand prix du festival du film 9.5 d'Albi pour le documentaire "Le peuple San du Kalahari" 26 min.

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